SA, 17th February 2018, with HAYITI, STEFAN SCHNEIDER, ORSON & POLA and SIGNE PIERCE // extended opening hours until 2 am

Orson © Thomas Koester

Haiyti. Foto: Tim Bruening


In cooperation with the Photo Festival of the NRW Forum Düsseldorf, we are very happy to invite to the official party for DÜSSELDORF PHOTO NIGHT on February 17th at WELTKUNSTZIMMER.

Open Doors: 22 Uhr

Start: 22:30 Uhr

Pre-Sale: 20 Euro / Box Office: 25 Euro





In the last 18 months, Haiyti has turned Hip Hop upside down. The old certitudes, the supposed borders between street and avantgarde, gangsta and art, underground and pop, are no longer valid. Haiyti smashed them as a female lone fighter in the business of macho-dominated German Rap. With DIY-Releases on a - felt - weekly basis, the German female rapper from Hamburg-St. Pauli catapulted herself to the top of a new generation, who doesn’t give anything on rules, but on unconditional freedom. On 12th January 2018, Haiyti publishes her first big album. „Montenegro Zero“ is felt to be a debut in its own genres: twelve songs, no features, one moment, one vibe. Haiyti on her own calls it „Gangsta-Pop“ - histories from right down at the bottom with melodies for the top. This kind of music shuffles radical party-nihilism and coldness of the milieu with unprecedented emotional deepness and absurdly catchy hooks; influences from trap to dancehall and „Neue Deutsche Welle“ are mixed up with Haiyti’s distinct language and voice. 




Stefan Schneider is fotographer and musician at the same time. Directly after his studies at the Academy of Arts in Düsseldorf where he was part of the photography class of Bernd Becher, he was trapped by electronic music. For more than two years now, he is one of the most original voices of contemporary electronic music. Furthermore, he is co-funder of the band Kreidler (1994-99) and also part of the trio To Rococo Rot (1995-2014). Within the last years he worked and pruduced together with many other artists, among them Joachim Roedelius (cluster), Arto Lindsay, Bill Wells, Dieter Moebius (cluster), Klaus Dinger (neu!), Sofia Jernberg, Koshiro Hino (ypy / goat), John Mcentire (tortoise) and the artist Katharina Grosse.




Since 2011 the artist Pola Sieverding works together with Orson Sieverding on audio-visual performances, which were put on stage in Heidelberg, Athen and Düsseldorf and other cities. In 2012 they collaborated with Natascha Sadr Haghighian for documenta 13 in Kassel.



Singe Pierce is an American multimedia artist and performer. Her works incorporate performance, photography, video art and web-based art. Her aesthetics are often inspired by feminity, excess, alterity, perversion, self-sufficiency and distortion. With her short film „American Reflexxx“, Pierce together with the director Alli Coates caused quite a stir. The film shows Pierce portraying a „hyper-sexualised“ person, becoming an object of mockery, finally being attacked.



During the party on 17th February 2018, our exhibition "THE YELLOW GENIUS. Charles Wilp and the journey to India" has extended opening hours from 2 pm to 2 am. Entrance free!


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