MUSIKZIMMER // Winner of Musiker für Musiker Festival 2017

with Johnny Task Force, Carpet Waves, The Buggs

Winner 2017- Johnny Task Force

Winner 2017- Johnny Task Force

Carpet Waves

The Buggs

Saturday 28th April 2018, 8 pm MUSIKZIMMER // Winner Concert of Musiker für Musiker Festical 2017
with Johnny Task Force, Carpet Waves, The Buggs
Fee 5,-

The winner of the Musiker für Musiker Festival come back to play a gig at our venue in April 2018.We are delighted to announce the bands and are even more excited to see  Johnny Task Force  back on stage.

Johnny Task Force  stands for Alternative / Rock and Funk. Last year in September they won the first prize at our Festival and are coming back for the winner concert.

Carpet Waves play a mix of Wave Rock, Post Britpop and create their own Sound with original sentimental songs.

The Buggs  is a young and talented band from Düsseldorf which already had a tour in China and are regulary playing gigs all around the city.
Their music is often described as Classic Rock and has it's own original sound with the creative combination of rock,pop and melodic lyrics.