MUSIKZIMMER for Children

interactive concerts for children of 6 years and older

Musikzimmer for children 2015

Musikzimmer for children 2015

Rochus Aust (Photo by Guido Schiefer)

Saturday 24th February 2018, 4 pm
MUSIKZIMMER for children
interactive concerts for children of 6 years and older
Programm of KinderKulturClub
Fee: 3,- for children 5,- for adults

Laughing, singing and playing music with the KinderKulturClub at the MUSIKZIMMER in February.
Children can enjoy a fun and interactive programm with their parents and/or grandparents.
Everyone is welcome.

Rochus Aust
Rochus Aust is a trumpet player, composer and inventor of the first german electronic orchestra.He is always moving forward to reach for new sounds and to explore the landscapes of the surrounding sound structures.


Initiative: KinderKulturClub
Contact : melanie(at)kinderkulturclub(dot)de

Event Location:
Ronsdorfer Straße 77a
40233 Duesseldorf