Artists at WELTKUNSTZIMMER / David Fried

Living Variables, solo at Projektraum4 Galerie Kasten, Mannheim, 2007

Spheres of Influence, solo at SPAM Contemporary, Duesseldorf, 2013

Stemmers, solo at Gallery Sara Tecchia New York, 2007

Stemmer, ss4, 2012, stainless steel, 36 x 60 x 70 cm

Globalexandria, ps1, 2011, stainless steel, 600 x 350 x 150 cm

Globalexandria, w1, 2013, stainless steel, 180 x 130 x 21 cm

Self Organizing Still-Life, bg15, 2013, Museum Kunstpalast

Way of Words, Motiongram No.8, 2008, chromogenic print, 26 x 23 cm

The concept artist David Fried (born 1962 in New York) began working in his atelier at the WELTKUNSTZIMMER 23 years ago.


As a prolific painter thoughout the 70’s, in the early 80’s of NYC, alongside Haring and Basquiat, David Fried founded the artist collective AVANT, which became famous for its guerilla street art. Shortly before the fall of the Berlin wall, Fried moved his studio to Düsseldorf and started working with photography and concept art.


David Fried’s artistic approach is quite scientific and philosophic. Central to his artistic research are the complex relationships and processes, which – following systems theory – determine ourselves and our world. In minimalistic images and objects, the artist abstracts the qualities and flexible properties of these interdependent networked systems found in nature and the social relm. His sculptural, photographic and interactive kinetic sculptures reveal the emergent-complexity of these self-organizing systems, and illustrates in a poetic way, that though we can influence and manipulate, we can never truly control or predict outcomes of such systems with certainty.


Fried has mounted several solo exhibitions in galleries, institutions and museums across Europe and has exhibited on five continents. His work can be found in the permanent collections of Volksbank HQ, Mönchengladbach, Kunst Museum Ritter, Waldenbruch, and in Germany's most extensive kinetic art collection at the Kunstmuseum Gelsenkirchen.








From 8th to 29th of March 2015, two of Fried steel sculptures can be seen in the exhibition „Die Große Kunst Ausstellung NRW“ at Museum Kunstpalast, Düsseldorf.




Videos of interactive sculptures: http://vimeo.com/99018394