Call for Entries

This call is aimed to young and experienced free curators and art historians.

WELTKUNSTZIMMER - Call for Entries


The rooms
Due to its openness to visual arts, literature, performing arts, music, dance andfilm the WELTKUNSTZIMMER presents himself as a multifaceted space.


The identity
The WELTKUNSTZIMMER is a place to live and enjoy life more experimental andeclectic art in an intimate atmosphere.It is a conception of art in a global and universal responsibility.Contemporary art rises from the society, will be debated within it and thus takes in turnimpact on the global understanding of the individual.Therefore art projects are sought after that relate to the anthropological, historical, sociologicaland / or philosophical, religious and psychological issues.


Constant change
The development of WELTKUNSTZIMMER is in a constant change.
For a period of three months, a project manager will be able to realise his concept locally.
Feel invited to submit your suggestions including your concept and available objects.
Considerations for financial support and further fundraising are part of the curatorial


This call is aimed to young and experienced free curators and art historians.
We ask for short, meaningful concepts and suggestions of artists.
Institutional and international networks are highly desired.
The call is to be understood without time limit, but the decisions of the implementation of
the first projects will be finished by the end of july.
Please send your concept by email as a suggestion to the WELTKUNSTZIMMER.


For any further information please contact us.