DAILY SOUNDS ALL AROUND. Traces of acoustic environments

Exhibition from 14th of August - 27th of September 2015 at WELTKUNSTZIMMER / Opening: Thursday, 13th of August 2015 at 7 pm

DAILY SOUNDS ALL AROUND. Traces of acoustic environments

Peter Cusack, William Engelen, Hanna Hartman, Freya Hattenberger, René Hüls, Ketonge, Peter C. Simon,
Juergen Staack,

Jens Schmidt, Junya Oikawa

Curatet by Janine Blöß

14th of August - 27th of September 2015
Opening: 13th of August at 7 pm

„The sound experience which I prefer to all others, is the experience of silence. And this silence, almost anywhere in the world today, is traffic. If you listen to Beethoven, it’s always
the same, but if you listen to traffic, it’s always different.“ (John Cage)

Through urbanisation and industrialisation, the world has changed, not only visually
but also auditively. The exhibition „DAILY SOUNDS ALL AROUND“ is dedicated
to sounds of man-made urban jungle of civilization, but also the human influence on
natural ecosystems is ‚visualized‘ with acoustical marks. Following John Cage, who
named and defined the impossibility of absolute silence - „traffic is silence“ - sound is
omnipresent in nature and city spaces. There are no places without sounds and there
is no sound without a place. In our daily life, sounds unconsciously give us information
about local conditions, specific circumstances and social relations. Detached from
their original context, in the exhibition they become representatives of site-specific or
actual phenomenons and different living environments.

We are confronted with noises, tones, sounds every day. They form our perception
and orientation and the view on the world in nearly all situations. The sensual
experience of noises, tones and sounds invisibly penetrates the body, even if it is put
into an artistic context. Sounds become symbols, signals and representatives. Bringing
external acoustic sounds of daily life inside the exhibition room, the artists produces
a whole continuum of internal images. Despite their abstract immateriality, artisticly
installed sounds of daily life allow a narrative approach to phenomenons of today.
How sing the nightingales in Chernobyl? What happened, if we hear the whispering
ice in Siberia? How much silence can you find in the jungle of vietnam? And what
characterized the sounds of our cities today?

These sounds of a world, which is influenced by both, man and technology, as well
as the consequences of human influence and acoustical footsteps into natural ecosystems
are main subject of the exhibition „DAILY SOUNDS ALL AROUND“ .
They will be re-enacted in the urban, industrial spaces of WELTKUNSTZIMMER, a
former bakery factory. The participating artists detect and collect sounds and transfer
them into an artistic context by using various means of presentation and installation.
In this way, ‚Daily Sounds‘ become auditive-visual representatives of places, (social
and natural) phenomenons and landscapes of our present age.


Exhibition programme:

Thursday, 13th of August 2015 at 7 pm
Opening with concert by Junya Oikawa and introduction by Dr. Gregor Jansen

Sunday, 16th of August 2015, 3 pm
Guided tour by curator Janine Blöß

Wednesday, 26th of August 2015, 7pm "Silence and Voices" - Juergen Staack and Thomas W. Rieger talking with Janine Blöß and Sabine Maria Schmidt at the Labor für Kritik und Weitsicht. The event is taking place in the guest rooms ("GÄSTEZIMMER") of WELTKUNSTZIMMER

Sunday, 13th of September 2015, 3 pm
Guided tour by curator Janine Blöß

Saturday, 29th of August 2015, 3 pm
"Favourite Sounds" Field Trip with Peter Cusack

Inscription: info(at)weltkunstzimmer(dot)de or +49 211 730 81 40

Saturday, 5th of September 2015, 7 pm
"Performing Sounds" with Ketonge/Vera Lossau, Les éclairs and Taka Kagitomi

Saturday, 19th of September 2015, 2 pm
"Build a Soundmachine" - Dr. Schmitts DIY-Workshop

Inscription: info(at)weltkunstzimmer(dot)de or +49 211 730 81 40


Every Sunday at 3 pm free guided tour through the exhibition (in German language).


Exhibition period:

14th of August - 27th of September 2015

Opening Hours:

Thu-Sun from 2.00 - 6.00 pm

Entrance free


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