new deadline!! CALL FOR ENTRIES: Urban Space Video Walk 2017

New Deadline: 3rd September 2017

Photo: Anika Füger

Wanted: Short Films and Videos for our 3rd Urban Space Video Walk!

Subject: common space/private property

Deadline: 03-09-2017
Urban Space Filmpreis: 1.000 Euro & Audience Price: 350 Euro
Event: Saturday, 23rd September 2017

Application as DVD or Download (.mp4 or .mov) possible.

Contact: info(at)weltkunstzimmer(dot)de

Download shortend Application Form here


For our 3rd Urban Space Video Walk filmmakers, video artists and all friends of the moving image are invited to send their short films about the subjects "community" and "privacy". All applications should be directly linked to this topic. The selected films will be screened in urban spaces during a walk through the city center. The event takes place on Saturday, 23rd of September in the evening. The urban film screenings are for free and open to everyone - also for by hazard passing people. At the end of the walk, the best films are awarded by a jury and the audience and will be screened again at the art center WELTKUNSTZIMMER. A barbecue is prepared for the participants. A number of guest studios offers sleeping possibilites for participating filmmakers and video artists.

The main topic of the 3rd Urban Space Video Walk "common space/private property" focuses on community and privacy from different point of views. Ways of urban encounters differ between private and public exchange, between nomadic and settled forms of life, temporary and long-lasting relationships, individual or collective interactions, strongly organised or loosly bounded groups. What do these forms of encounter mean for individuals and for the living together in our society? In what kind of common or private spaces, global or local communities, social networks and neighborhoods are we living today? What kind of spaces, knowledge, values and ressources are collectively shared and in which contexts privacy becomes important? What kind of private opportunities for retreat and safe spaces are neccessary and what does "private" mean concerning the individual or space? Which collaborations are possible to realize in common spaces and where conflicts can arise?

In urban contexts, commonly shared space is often characterized by collective forms of organization and use, open access and practices of sharing and participating. In contrast to these open - often experimental - common spaces, private spaces offer free access only for certain people or groups and under certain conditions. The demand for private spaces can also result from the wish for dissociation or to protect material or intellectual property. Often, gated communities are related to exklusion, separation and conrol. Together with simulated or supervised publicities they are forms of urban tendencies for privatization, which are affecting the living together in societies in a significant way. What forms of alternative economies, discursive publicities, strategies of commoning and sharing are possible in cities? Where are spaces going to be privatized, commercialized and controlled and what forms of appropriation, occupation and negotiation can be found in this context?

These questions shall open a field of associations related to this year's topic of our Urban Space Video Walk. Applying films and videos shall be connected to this topic but can also deal with other questions related to the distinction "common space/private properties".

curated by Janine Blöß

Assistance: Viktoria Hellfeier, Yannick Böhm


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